We are Judith Macdonald and Ross Davies; partners in business and in life.     

We are a boutique brokerage based at Marsden Cove Marina in Whangarei and travel between Opua and Tauranga.   We operate on a fixed fee basis with charges related to the work we are asked to undertake.

We also run an out-of-water sales yard dealing in multihull vessels, launches and monohulls. Our businesses are part of the collective hub of marine services at Marsden Cove Marina.

We bring a new, fixed fee business model to brokerage and a new sales model with the out-of-water boat yard.

Our aim is to work in partnership with you

to achieve a common goal.

An out-of-water sales yard for multihulls, launches and monohulls.

This concept is a first in New Zealand and reflects our innovative approach to selling and displaying vessels for sale. Found overseas and becoming the preferred way to sell by owners and buyers alike.


Available to private sellers and brokers as an alternative way to present your vessel. Cost to display is fixed according to the size of the vessel but generally will be less than a similar in-water berth. Options for presentation, marketing, and managing the sale are also available at fixed rates.

We welcome visitors to our office on the corner of Marsden Bay Drive and Hinemoana Lane just by the entrance to Marsden Cove Marina, Whangarei. Our winter hours are Tuesday - Saturday, 9.30 am - 4.30 pm, other times by appointment. Full boat servicing is available on site plus haul and NZ Customs services. Added bonus is the great cafe where you can discuss your dream over food and beverage.